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Terms and Conditions

The information on this site is designed to help you, is voluntary and may be incomplete. The information refers to any dish individually and not as a whole kitchen. For your health, you must notify the kitchen staff on any a known sensitivity. Ingredients in the dishes and food items may vary from time to time.

The information in this website regarding nutritional values and the existence or absence of ingredients and allergens is solely indicative, and does not release the user from a personal inquiry with the food service provider regarding the contents and ingredients of the food.

Sometimes food preparation takes place in kitchens which might contain secondary infections or a problem separating between food and dishes designed for the general clients and food and dishes designed for clients with certain sensitivities, in the processes of preparation, refrigeration, storage or serving.

Therefore, a diner who has a special health, nutritional or ideological sensitivity must conduct additional inspection as necessary.

In case of doubt regarding the reliability of the information, the diner who has a special health, nutritional or ideological sensitivity must avoid consuming the dish or food in doubt.

The information presented on the website does not release those with food allergies or other health sensitivities from carrying means or medication for treating or preventing allergic and food sensitivity reactions.


Food suppliers of different fields: restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels and sleeping facilities, bakeries, catering services, banquet halls and gardens, tour boats, educational institutions with dining services and different suppliers of packed foods - all voluntarily publish different content in this website.

In several cases, the data regarding the food suppliers and their menus was submitted by Vieweat Ltd. team, based on free information that is open to the public, published by the food suppliers in their websites, Facebook pages, visible printed menus and other visible and open means of publication.

In addition, the website enables professionals, such as writers and editors of recipes, physicians, nutritionists, cooks and confectioners, and any citizen whoever they may be who is interested in cooking and baking, to voluntarily present information regarding dishes they prepared.

Entering the website and/or using it, including its contents and services, are offered to you in exchange for your acceptance for the entire terms and conditions set in these Terms of Use. Therefore, please read them carefully.

1.     Entering and using the site and its contents and suggested services constitutes the User’s consent that they read the Terms detailed in the Terms of Use, agreed to them, and undertakes to adhere to them and to the provisions of any applicable law prior to surfing the site.

2.     In these Terms of Use, the following terms shall have the meaning written next to them:

“The Site/Website” – including any part thereof, the content of the site including any verbal, visual, vocal, audio-visual or any combination thereof, publications, the Site’s files, the  Site’s software, and more.

“User” – and person and/or entity and/or element who enters the Site and/or uses the Site.

“The Site Operator” – a person and/or an entity and/or the company who owes the Site and/or its employees, managers and/or anyone on its behalf, Site managers and/or Site programmers and/or Site maintenance persons.

3.     Each term of the Site’s Terms of Use is accumulative, complementary and/or alternative to any other term of the Site’s Terms of Use, whether specifically noted or not, all according to the context, and in any case one term cannot derogate from another.

Terms of Use

4.     The Terms of Use of the Site and the contents included therein apply for any use made in the Site in any manner or mean, whether via a computer or any other communication device, including handheld PCs, cell phones, tablets, smart televisions, etc.

5.     The Terms of Use of this Site may change anytime, according to the sole discretion of the Site owners. Any such change will bind the participants upon publication in the Site.

6.     The Site Operators have the right to do their will in the Site, to present any content whatsoever therein, to redesign its appearance, design, the scope and availability of the services therein, to change the Site’s name, URL, to refuse to publish and/or to remove any content, as well as any other aspect related to the site, all regardless of the need to inform the Users in advance.

7.     The Site management may, at its sole discretion, suspend, ban, crease or limit the use of the User’s access to the Site at any time when a breach of the Terms of Use was discovered, or when an act or omission took place which might damage the services provided on the Site.

8.     The right to use the information in the Site is of the User alone, for personal-private needs alone.

9.     The Site will not be used for illegal purposes. No publication in the site may infringe upon copyrights, be false, offending, slandering, threatening, or include slander, infringes upon another person’s privacy or hurts the public feelings, pornographic, of sexual, racists or illegal nature.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property

10.  The entire intellectual property right, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, commercial torts, related to the Site, its contents, including text, illustrations, graphics, sounds, gifs, software applications, graphs, and photos, the Site’s name, the Site’s code, the domain name, belong to the Site owners and/or the food service providers and/or a third party who allowed the Site owner to use and publish the content, and the User will not have any right of any kind in the information.

11.  The User may transfer the link to the Site or the food suppliers or menus therein without limitation.

12.  The User many download, print and publish the general information on different food suppliers or the food menus to any interested party.


13.  The User will not charge payment for information downloaded from Vieweat site without the prior written consent of the Site owners.

14.  Any commercial website or other commercial information service interested in using the information from the Vieweat site, must receive the prior written consent of the Site management.

Site Contents and Limitation of Liability

15.  Varied information is posted voluntarily on the site on behalf of food service providers, services as a service to the user only, as is. The Site owners are not responsible to such contents, and are not obligated to inspect the truthfulness of the contents, its reliability, credibility or completeness. If the Users wish to use the information on the Site, they must review it and verify it prior to use.

16.  The content of the site does not constitute advice and/or expert advice and/or opinion, and does not replace consultation with professionals such as doctors, dieticians, religious leaders etc. where such consultation is required.

17.  The responsibility for the contents published on the Site on behalf of the food service providers, and for any result thereof, is of the food service providers who delivered the publication. – the User declares that they are aware of the contents of this section, and that they will have no claim towards the Site owners/Site Operators and/or anyone on their behalf in this concern.

18.  The User declares that they are aware that the Site owners are not liable for any use the User chooses to make, directly or indirectly, in the Site’s services, and that the User alone is liable for the use.

19.  The Site may include commercial content, such as advertisements, banners and commercials, sent by different publishers. Publishing the commercial content will not constitute a recommendation of the Site owners to purchase the published services, and the Site owners will not be held responsible for the content of the advertisements or any advertising material in the site, or the services and goods advertised therein, and the sole responsibility is of the publishers.

20.  The User declares that they are aware that every country has local standardization and regulation regarding marking of food, and that the markings of nutritional values using the services in the Site does not mean to contradict or replace any governmental, local or international regulation.

21.  The User declares that they are aware that non-packed food may come in different sizes, and therefore it is difficult to provide accurate nutritional values for the products, and therefore there may be deviations and/or changes.

22.  The User declares that they are aware the menus submitted by the different food suppliers will be automatically translated to several languages, based on Google services, and therefore they might be mistakes in the translation, and the User will have no claim and/or demand in that matter.

Site Links

23.  Links to other websites are added for the User’s convenience and are not a guarantee for the contents of such websites in terms of their reliability, completeness, security or any other term.

24.  The Site management does not undertake that the entire links in the sites are correct, and lead to the right website or any active site. And the Site owners and/or anyone on their behalf are not liable for any direct or indirect damage, financial or other, caused as a result of using or relying on Site links.

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Site Registration

26.  The Site owners maintain their future right to collect payment for the services offered in the Site.

27.  The Site owners maintain their right to determine that accessing certain services will only be available to Users who registered to the Site and provided the required identification information in the registration form.

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33.  In case of change in information, the User must notify of update in information by approaching the Site owners online via “contact us”.

Information Security

34.  It is clarified that the Site owners use reasonable means for content security and User accounts, and preventing hacking and infringement upon the Users’ privacy. The User will have no claim and/or suit and/or demand towards the Site owners and/or the Site Operator and/or anyone on their behalf for damage caused as a result of unauthorized entry to an account or an infringement of privacy, provided that the Site owners took reasonable means for preventing hacking and infringement of the User’s privacy.

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Information Collection and Email

37.  The Site owners will be entitled to collect information regarding data provided by Users, the use in the site and the manner of using it, and to make commercial use in the information gathered for improving the services offered on the Site, or as part of statistical data accumulated for personal use or as part of data provided to a third party, and all subject to any applicable law.

38.  The User confirms that registering to the site constitutes the User’s approval to be included in the client list of the Site’s owners, who are also on its direct mailing list, and the Site owner may sent via email and/or facsimile and/or text message or any other manner details regarding sales in the Site and/or regarding additional services offered by the Site, and the User agrees to that, unless the User specifically asked to be removed from the mailing list.


39.  The User undertakes to indemnify and hold the Site owners or anyone on their behalf harmless for any damage, loss, payment or expense they incurred, including lawyer’s fee and litigation expenses due to a violation of these Terms of Use, all without derogating from any relief and/or remedy they are entitled to pursuant to any applicable law.


40.  The Israel law shall apply for these Terms of Use, however its rules of conflict of law set therein shall not apply.

41.  The certified courts of Tel Aviv alone shall have the jurisdiction over any dispute.