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About Us

One Access Point for Multiple Dietary Needs:

ViewEat is the next generation , global, multi-lingual and intuitive search engine for restaurants & menus - simultaneously addressing the need for elaborate data in these aspects:

  • Medical: Food allergies such as celiac, food intolerance, diabetes, obesity and food related illnesses
  • Healthy food awareness: For instance, sportsmen or  ordinary consumers who avoid artificial ingredients
  • Religious: Jewish Kosher, Muslim Halal, Hindi cuisine, Christian Easter-Lent observers, etc.
  • Ideological: Mainly vegetarians & vegans

Intuitive Graphic Labeling

ViewEat developed a unique visual and intuitive labeling method, applicable for all of the major problematic food ingredients - based on traffic light and road signs analogy:

Red octagon = Ingredient exists, avoid!

Yellow square = Traces could be found or insufficient data, please beware!

Green circle with a diagonal = The product is free of that ingredient; it should be safe.

Textual data will be also presented in the user’s language on mouse rollover.

Incorporating all kinds of unpacked food services in one Comprehensive Concept

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs, fast food, etc.
  • Hotels, motels, spas, B&B
  • Bakeries, catering & event halls
  • Cruise ships
  • Airlines
  • Educational institutions – from kindergartens to universities

How does it work?

  • The food service supplier voluntarily inserts the data about each item on his menu, in his own language.
  • The menus are automatically translated into various common languages using Google Translate.
  • The search results are sorted out by the number of food items which meet the users’ medical, dietary, ideological or religious criteria.
  • The full menu or selected items, tailored to the users’ criteria, is available as web pages and as printable PDF.
  • Vieweat is available in both desktop and mobile compatible versions. It is supported by most of the up to date smartphones without the need to unload and install anything.