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Finding nut free dishes and menus in London

The Vieweat team, 1/10/2015


Tree nut allergy might be life threatening. London is a major destination for millions of tourists, many of them suffer from tree nut allergy and other kinds of food allergy or food sensitivity. 

Tracing nut free menu and nut free dishes in London might prove to be a hard task, especially for people who are not fluent in English.  

In case you or your children have tree nut allergy or other sorts of nut sensitivity, and you wish to travel to London (or already live there), Vieweat could assist you to find nut free dishes, nut free desserts and nut free food in general.

All you need to do is to click on the "Nut-free" icon, type your prefered address in London, search and receive results of dishes in various London restaurants that do not contain nuts.

By using Vieweat one can also combine avoiding nuts with other dietary criteria such as calories, sugar or fat limits.

For instance, let's search for tree nut free dishes in Soho area of London, and receive many results such as:

Burger King Tottenham Court Road  serves 46 nut free dishes

SUBWAY 1 Irving Street serves 45 nut free dishes

KFC Coventry Street  serves nut free 44  dishes

Nandos Covent Garden serves 40 nut free dishes

Bella Italia Covent Garden serves 28 nut free dishes

Yosushi Bond Street serves 75 nut free dishes

Wagamama leicester square serves 67 nut free dishes

ASK Italian serves 63 nut free dishes

La Tasca James Street London serves 62 nut free dishes

Caffe Nero Regent St 2 serves 59 nut free dishes



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